The benefits of our tailor-made products

The benefits of our tailor-made products

Here at Derma Organics, we think that there should be something for everyone, and that the opportunity to purchase our products should be completely open and inclusive. This is why we believe that tailoring products, to your exact needs by choosing the ingredients that work for you, is the way forward within the beauty industry today.


What is Product Customisation?

Product customisation is our way of allowing you, as consumers, to tailor any of our products to suit your own personal needs. We are here to accommodate any allergies you may have by removing specific ingredients from your purchased products, for example, if you have a nut allergy we can make sure there are no Almond or Argan Nut Oils. This offers many benefits to both you, and us as creators, as it allows us to learn more about your individual needs as consumers and discover new ideas for any future product developments. Additionally, we can create a product from scratch to suit your requirements; you won’t be able to find any product else where with the same ingredients as it will be specially formulated for your skin/hair type.


Allergies & Beauty Products

Beauty products can be your best friend and your ultimate enemy at the same time if you aren’t careful. Becoming aware of your own allergies can save you so much aggravation in the future, as well as the physical effects that come with it; this can range from small rashes to full blown allergic reactions.


A Few of Our Customisable Products

Our handmade Derma Organics products are made specifically with you in mind. Here’s a sneak peek at just some of the products that we can customise to your skincare needs:


Organic African Honey & Lemon Facial Scrub


Scalp Stimulating Growth Treatment

Brightening Equalizer Facial Serum

Acne Buster Herbal Face & Body Soap Paste



If you know you suffer with allergies but still wish to enjoy the goodness of Derma Organics products, send over an email to or give us a call on +44 7376 945479 and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.

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