Derma Organics by CFBP Founder Adaaku Iwuajoku

The Genesis

The creation of Derma Organics begins with a childhood filled with insecurities; an inspirational tale of Adaaku Iwuajoku gave birth to the brand - Derma Organics.

Growing up, Ada suffered from a severe skin condition called Atopic Eczema. An only girl in the midst of 5 brothers, it was an obvious struggle from the age of 5. Covered from head to toe with abraded skin, the severe skin conditions posed endless problems.

Her parents felt her pain and opted to shave her hair off in order to allow her scalp breath and lessen developing infections such as Seborrheic Dermatitis. Dealing with puberty, endless scratching and discovering oneself, her early years were challenging. Her mother sort after traditional remedies. African Black Soap was one. At the time where other kids her age would use more commercial products, Ada hated everything about having to use this alternative. Ironically, she grew to appreciate the treasures of African Black soap, which she now implements in her handmade/homemade products.

Growing up in Humid Nigeria, young Ada would spend days traumatised by her sore skin, her lack of knowledge meant she stressed the irritation even more, leading to scars which are still visible today. Nonetheless, this has not been as discouraging as she found opportunity in chaos and cultivated a love for Herbs & Natural ingredients.

At first, her parents were not in support of her dream however, with Adaaku’s drive and perseverance- there was no stopping her. Ada knew her childhood suffering would not be in vain and with this zeal, she started this project.


The Formation of Derma Organics by CFBP Ltd

In 1991, her father registered a beauty/pharmaceutical business called Cosmetic Fair Beauty Products. It was a potential business venture abandoned and never pushed into play. Ada, born October 5th, 1992 and 25 years later, would be turning an abandoned venture into a long standing one. Some call it a coincidence Ada knew it was her calling.

In 2016 after graduating from college with a BA in International Relations and Minor in Theatre, Adaaku bravely trademarked her own skin care company in the UK & US with savings she had acquired during her university years. All without the knowledge of her father’s existing registered beauty company.


The Birth of Derma Organics

Her tenacity and business skills impressed her parents and ultimately their support and respect came with it. Her father showed his support by merging “Cosmetic Fair Beauty Products” and “Derma Organics” to now become “Derma Organics by CFBP ltd”


How she practiced

Although Ada is currently a Medical Aesthetician in training, by Age 9, she was enrolled into boarding school, where she practiced her self-taught knowledge of herbs and skin care on her class and roommates. As she matured, her friends could see the enthusiasm in her. They approached and trusted her with minor skin issues. Fully equipped with pharmaceuticals, homemade butters and essential oils, she’s always been the go to person for all things skin & hair related. At first she was just happy to help however, one particular case changed it all.

A particular roommate of hers approached her privately. A clearly embarrassed girl suffering from conditions Ada was all too familiar with asked for help. It was then clear others out there had the same problems. Be it the oozing eczema and sores, flaky skin or constant need to cover and hide. Ada had to take on the mothering role. Whilst nurturing and soothing her wounds, with natural Shea Butter and lavender oil daily, the results were clear. The grateful friend labelled Ada The Magic Hands.

This was the moment Ada knew she wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and help boost the self-esteem of others the only way she knew, which was to help people with a skin complex achieve clearer healthier skin using what all that Nature had to offer. Her friends and relatives were constantly complimenting her beaming skin and wanting a piece of that magic. The magic of having beauty skin deep.

She began creating new recipes to achieve the sensation that is – healthier skin and hair with Products Inspired by Nature™. A rainbow of ingredients hailing from the world’s treasures transformed again and again by The Magic Hands. She knew it was meant to be and now she can share it with the world.